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Hey Jeff,
Thanks for the follow up email! No nutrition shop that I have ever purchased from or worked for has ever done a customer service follow up like this! The only product that I am currently using is the "PRO7EIN Synthesis" by Vitasport, Inc. That protein is the BEST protein on the market as far as my girlfriend, Nicole and I are concerned!

With the blend of proteins, added BCAA's, Aminogen, Collagen, and taste...it's the BEST! To be honest, I am in the BEST shape of my entire life and the only protein that I am using is the one mentioned above. Nicole got me hooked on it by going by the Newport Beach location as she works close by.

She also uses the Nature's Fruits, Nature's Greens, Nature's Fuel and the ForzaOne BCAA Sport! She is very serious and she is also in the best shape of her life! Her passion for fitness started with us hitting the weights together and she took off running from there. My goals of course are to stay big, hard and lean, while cutting off the left over belly fat, although a lot of it is skin because I have lost 78 LBS this year! My abs are just coming in but I want to REALLY see them! Thank you for checking in on me. I really feel appreciated. Have a blessed day!

                   - Jeffrey J. Reynolds
                     NUTRISHOP Lake Forest, CA Customer

I am an avid buyer of any supplement product that can provide me with all day energy without any crash. Thank you Nutrishop of Orange for introducing me to Thermovex (watermelon flavor is my favorite!) I've significantly seen a decrease in stubborn body fat and improvement on my muscle definition. What I love most about Thermovex is the all day energy I get to support my hard training. As a fitness competitor, sponsored athlete, and fitness model I am always trying to stay in top shape! The taste is amazing and the added fiber is a plus. Thank you for making such a fantastic product!

                   - Alyssa Monique Lemus
                     NPC Bikini Fitness Competitor; NUTRISHOP Orange, CA Customer

Hi, my name is Jeff Carlucci, or Lucci, pronounced "Luchi." I am a professional beach volleyball player who has several hobbies on the side. Rock climbing, skydiving, scuba diving, and skiing are just a few things I do when I'm not training for the tour. Nutrishop Redondo Beach is my second home because the shop owner Ronnie Villanueva has made it possible for a 34 year old extremely active athlete to perform at the highest level.

My knowledge base regarding supplements and vitamins prior to meeting Ronnie, and finding Nutrishop was almost nonexistent. My friends at Nutrishop taught me that with the proper supplements and hard work, anything is possible. Ronnie, and Nutrishop helped me gain 10 lbs of solid muscle and get down to 6% body fat! The experience was and is completely different than that of other nutrition stores I have ever visited. Having the owner know and understand my personal goals is something I never got from any other store. I am and will always be grateful for what Ronnie and Nutrishop Redondo Beach has done to improve my quality of life, not to mention my career!

                   - Jeff Carlucci
                      Pro Beach Volleyball Player & NUTRISHOP Redondo Beach, CA Customer